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A nun and her bus

There was a nun, there was a nun
who drove a bus that weighed a ton.
There were many things she'd overrun
in the bus that weighed a ton.
Talks on the trip were always fun
in the bus that weighed a ton.
She drove in rain, she drove in sun,
we think she drove over someone
the cops said she couldn't have been the one
in the bus that weighed a ton
In any case, what's done is done
And this great nun, we'd never shun
even if she did what was done.
Of her driving, we'd make fun
before the journey had begun.
Her phaser was never above stun
and she was nice to everyone
unless your shirt was tucked (un).
Writing this poem sure was fun
but you can tell I'm no John Donne
number of lines remaining: one
in the poem of the nun

Wow, that was silly. Anyway, I thought I'd put this page up as a little tribute to one of the most influential people from my time at Mater Dei (whether she liked it or not!) Sr. John. The woman's a dynamo... she was my Scholar Bowl coach, Trig teacher, programming teacher, and EnergyNet moderator.

But anyone from Mater Dei could tell you about everything she did... loved her or hated her, she was definitely a part of MD.
I even found some pictures of her from long, long ago, when MD was nothing more than a cave (kidding!)

nun one nun two

Aren't they funny? The first was taken in the chem lab, the second in the fourth-wing lab
Just to be fair, I have a more recent picture of a group from scholar bowl with her.


This is me, Robert, Sr. John, and Dave

Don't know how often this page would be updated... I mostly wanted to explain why I have these black and white pics of a nun!

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