Welcome to my home on the Web!
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(inserted 3-17-00) Wow, this page is old! Heaven only knows how you got here, but my new webpage can be found at www.iit.edu/~middchr. I'm leaving this page up as a reminder to myself how far I've come.

It's like the title said. This is my little place on the web. This page is far from finished so please be patient.

My name is Chris. This is my first attempt at a web page so it won't be very attractive. Feel free to E-mail me at cdm6581@aol.com with your comments. This site will yield my personal tributes to Star Trek, Alex Mack, and other stuff.

Yes, enjoyable things occur even in MY miserable life. Select this link to read about some!

Click here or on the communicator to visit Starbase 314.

I'm making a page for my awesome (and hyper) friend Paige.

Okay, I used to have all sorts of nice little links here, but as time went on, there were just so MANY that some had to go. They had a little change of address. Link to links

That's all for now. This page will be updated relatively frequently at first as I gain new ideas.

Construction on the Paradise Valley highway has begun!

I didn't intend to make anyone mad by anything on this page. Alex Mack, its logo, and everything else Alex Mack are trademarks of Nickelodeon, Lynch Entertainment, Hallmark Entertainment, and RHI. Star Trek is a trademark and copyright of Paramount and Viacom. Thanks to Angelfire for the backgrounds, banners, and a couple of the pics on these pages.