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Mighty Max!

I personally loved the show, but I only found two other websites dedicated to it, so I decided there should be at least one more.

Show overview

Long ago, an great people called the Lemurians graced the earth with wondrous powers. Their greatest achievements, existing to modern times, were the ability to make one-way portals across the Earth, strategically placed and opened only by a special key in the form of a red baseball cap. The other: a book of ancient symbols, each of which could be used only once. This book was known as the Lemurian Arconner.

Of course, as all great civilizations have done throughout history, the Lemurians met their downfall. The one responsible for their downfall? A skinless man named Skullmaster, whose punishment was imprisonment in the center of the Earth. With him is another icon of Lemurian civiliation, the crystal of souls. The catch for the crystal was that the souls had to be given freely. Needless to say, Skullmaster must have had a lot of charisma!

The Lemurians, excellent in forseeing the future, foretold of a hero, Max who would destroy Skullmaster. The catch? Max is only a kid. An eleven-year-old kid, to be more accurate.

This is why he is aided by Virgil, the only other Lemurian to still walk the Earth, and Norman, a near-immortal assigned as " The Guardian". Virgil holds the scrolls that act as a map to the worldwide portal systems, and Norman, well, guards Mighty Max.

Max, Virgil, and Norman traveled the world, battling evils from Skullmaster, to a giant spider, to world-dominating aliens, to evil computer programmers that want to digitize the planet. Whew! A lot of work for a kid, a chicken ("That's fowl, actually"), and a Hercules-like guardian. They were occasionally aided by Max's friends, Bea and Felix, and his mother, referred to only as Mom.

There were three notable points in Max's defeat of Skullmaster.

  1. The Magnificent SevenVirgil, Max, and Norman recruit four great heroes on a daring attempt to destroy Skullmaster's Crystal of Souls. Max is reluctant to go, but nobody else will take the cap to open the exit portal to the surface. Max decides to go after all, finding that he unwittingly led the warriors into a trap. In the end, the crystal is destroyed, but the four warriors are killed helping Max escape.
  2. Virgil forces Max to promise that, no matter what, Max will do watever he says. A reluctant Max agrees. Virgil, as it seems, joins forces with Skullmaster, and reveals that their fates are intertwined. That is, when one dies, the other dies as well. Max and Norman, on the run from the evil forces in the center of the world, run into the lava men, who reveal their weapon, a monstrous robot called Magus. In the end, Max and Norman are controlling Magus on a river of lava. Skullmaster is carrying Virgil, and they are all ready to go over a lavafall. Virgil orders Max to destroy them both, but Max can't bring himself to do it, and instead opens the portal to the topside and they all go through it.
  3. Armageddon Closer and Armageddon Outta HereMax and company make a trip to the home of Norman and Virgil (interupting Max's birthday party, by the way) where Virgil asks an important question of Max. (" Max, how do you think I know all that I know?"). Virgil pulls a shade and reveals a mural of everything that the three had done, all of the monsters and battles, foretold. It is also revealed, however, that all of these evils would walk the Earth again, and Max would be left powerless to stop them. On the run from Skullmaster, Virgil is captured by Skullmaster and Norman is killed by a giant spider. Max stops at his house to take the portal, hidden in his basement, that leads to the center of the Earth. (As Virgil said in the first episode, "Why not? You areThe mighty one"). Max's aunt and uncle are visiting, as are Bea and Felix. Max hastily explains his rush. "I have to to the center of the center of the Earth to get a man made of out lava to help me save a ten-thousand year old chicken from a guy with no skin who's trying to take over the world,". "Okay," his mom says. "I believe it," Bea replies. "I thought it was that," said Felix.) In the center of the Earth, Lavalord refuses to help, leaving max alone to go to stonehenge, a sort of narthex of time and space, the optimal point for taking over time. Max gives the cap to Skullmaster on the condition he won't kill the fowl. Skullmaster does anyway and tries to destroy Max, but fails. The cap, on skullmaster's head, becomes a crown. The crystal of souls, re-assembled by the Lemurian Arconner, focuses the light through stonehenge onto Skullmaster. Max, however, grabs the crystal, focusing the light onto him as well. ("Fool!" Skullmaster cries. "You can't save the world!" "I can die trying!" Max shouts. "You will!" Skullmaster reponds.) The two float off the ground and begin spinning around. Suddenly, Max is back at the beginning of his adventure, except he retained his memories from this first experience. " We're back at the beginning! And this time I'm really gonna kick some Skullmaster butt!".

In case it's not painfully obvious, I loved that show to death, even if it had a remarkably short run (three seasons). I taped the final episode (Armageddon Outta Here) but can't seem to find it. if anyone out there happens to have it and is willing to share, please e-mail me at Non

Mighty Max Homepage has a similar synopsis (that's where I got the idea!) and images/sounds.

Mighty Max has an episode quide and a great page in general.

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