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References to the World

I'm writing this page in hopes of staving off everyone who will say "You stole this idea from that," and "Didn't they do that in this?"

I've had the concept for this fanfic for quite a while. I've been writing it for over months (and at this point, I've only completed four episodes) and had the idea for it for at least 6 months before that. This does NOT mean I'm saying "I didn't copy him, he copied me" because these only came online in July 2002. It's entirely possible for individuals to have the same idea independently.

But I've always believed in giving credit where credit is due. No matter how much I like/hate something, I'll give them props (did I just say "give them props"?) when they're deserved.

"Props" are sorted by episode and only come online when the episode does.

  1. Power Rangers : Task Force
  2. Episode 1: Primary Colors
  3. Episode 2: Finding the Fourth
  4. Episode 3: Completing the Team
  5. Episode 4: Fraternity