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Random Thoughts

This is where I put the random thoughts that aren't specifically episode-related. Mostly, they'll have to do with my creative process (ideas that were discarded, character developments...)

Black and White

I don't know what my characters look like, to be honest. Friends of mine modeled their personalities, not their bodies. But while we're being honest, they'd probably all be caucasian. Or at least white-acting (how stereotypical does *that* sound?) This isn't because I'm racist. I'm not even white. I happen to be an Asian-American myself. But growing up, everyone I knew was white. Majority of my friends are white. To write a black character or any other minority wouldn't do them justice. I'd rather be occused of being a racist bastard that left black people out of his fic than be accused of being a racist bastard that stereotypes minorities.

But wait! you say. You just admitted to stereotyping white people. Yup. I try to make my characters complex. I try to make them relatable to anyone. Forcing a character to be black/brown/green would be a purely token gesture. So I try to avoid making physical descriptions and leave it to the imagination of the reader. I want to tell a story, not paint a picture.


At this point, they all seem two-dimensional. We've got the loner, the outsider, the pacifist, the show-off and the strong-willed-woman-of-the-21st-century. They'll change, I promise. It's obvious how they'll change. But how do they interact now? What will change them? How will they interact then?


I don't believe in surprise endings. The Power Rangers always win. They may not win right away. They may not always get away without casualties. But you don't watch a Power Rangers series expecting them to ultimately lose in the end. I've seen fics where everyone looks like they live happily ever after and "suddenly, Rita Repulsa appears! She cackles her maniacal laugh and drops her magic wand through the Red Ranger's head, killing him..." and so on. It's unfair to the reader and unfair to the characters to pull that kind of non sequitur crap. Kurt Vonnegut once said something to the effect of "Don't shock for its own sake. Let your readers know exactly where the story is going should the last two pages be eaten by cockroaches."