Starbase 314
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Starbase 314

Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard! This is Starbase 314, my center for all things Star Trek. Take a seat, order a ractigino, and make yourself at home.

Open hailing freqencies and mail me at

This starbase is in its earliest stages of construction. As you can see, we don't even have the wallpaper up yet. The transporter is at your disposal and you can beam to Star Trek pages spread across the web.

This is a list of current transport sites. I'll do my best to update it regularly.

Sev Trek header
Sev Trek - cartoon spoofs of
                         Star Trek. Copyright 1997 by John Cook.

The Viacom Store opened in Chicago! Viacom is owner of Paramount which makes Star Trek. In it's unfairly-small section of the store is a green-screen used to make pictures of people beaming on either Original or Next Generation transporter pads. There are also huge screens showing clips and info, and there is a ship display of the famous ships of Trek, along with information spoken by the "computer". Of course, there are tons of things to buy there, also! You've gotta see this! Stars of shows owned by Viacom (such as Larisa Olyenik of Alex Mack and Jeri Ryan of Star Trek Voyager make appearances now and then.

Beam back to the homepage.

I don't intend to really make people mad by this teeny-tiny tribute to Star Trek. DSMuse and its logo are property of...whoever runs it, I guess. Star Trek and everything on this page related to it are trademarks and owned by Paramount which is owned by Viacom. The Microsoft Network is owned and operated by the Microsoft company (I think. Correct me if I'm wrong and PLEASE e-mail me before you get mad.)