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My BRAND NEW Links Page!

I used to have all my nifty little links on my index page. I have gained so many, however, I've decided to inconvenice you all and move them! Mwa ha ha ha ha! (Okay, I need some wallpaper...)

Now, without further adieu, my links!

Okay, a little more adieu. These next few links are people I know in real life, although they'd NEVER admit it

This link sends you to the web site of a friend of mine. Be warned, it gets pretty deep there in some places. Select her name to go to the site. Hi Megan!

Ben is someone I know in RL. Like my pages, his is one that is 'just there,' more or less a testament to his existence. Click his name to go to his page.

Yet another person from real life is LeeAnn, who has put up a page about Nascar racer Jeff Gordon

Now for the links from people I've never met face to face

A couple friends of mine have a website about Larisa Olyenik and I thought I'd include a link to it. Point your browser to to visit it. There's a giant picture of Larisa Olyenik on the first page. Those with slow connections have been warned. You can also click on the logo.

The LALO logo

A Star Trek MUSH I belong to, Deep Space Muse, is awesome! If you like Star Trek and have a MU* program, you've got to visit! The link will send you to their website, where you receive instructions on how to join. You can also just go to MUSH, port 1701.

Last I tried to get there, I couldn't. If anyone knows why, please e-mail me

I was rather addicted to a game online called Federation but now it's on the web for all to enjoy. Go to for more information on the Fantasy Space Trading Game.

Okay, I'm out of links for now. I'll see what I can do about it.

As always, my e-mailbox is open.